Alec Baldwin Calls Hollywood’s Conservative Blacklist ‘Unfortunate’

Hollywood’s biggest open secret used to be Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior.

Now, the mega-producer is behind bars, and starlets needn’t fear his advances. 

The industry’s other open secret continues, and there’s little outrage about it. Hollywood discriminates against conservatives. Call it the Blacklist 2.0.

It’s no longer open to debate. The signs are everywhere, from the late-night landscape that ignored conservative USA until Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” crashed the party to Friends of Abe’s very existence.

What’s that?

It’s a conservative group of Hollywood artists who met to bond, network and share the discrimination they faced within their own industry.

In quiet, of course, for fear of professional reprisals.

Now, Alec Baldwin is weighing in on his industry’s unofficial blacklist. The 64-year-old star vented on several hot-button issues via his Instagram account this week. 

He recalled fellow “Saturday Night Live” alum Rob Schneider’s blistering critique of the show’s recent hard-Left turn, suggesting you shouldn’t slam a show that hired you in the first place. That conversation inspired Baldwin to explore what it means to be right-of-center in his industry.

Schneider admitted during his chat with Glenn Beck that he now considers himself a Republican given the Left’s anti-free speech platform.

Hollywood conservatives “have their own little club,” Baldwin said, possibly alluding to Friends of Abe which may or may not still exist. The Trump era caused friction within its ranks.


Baldwin added conservative artists bond over the sense they’re “treated unfairly” by their peers.

The meandering video finds Baldwin suggesting studios will hire anyone of any background or belief system, even if they behaved badly off screen.

He should know.

He also pointed to what Hollywood conservatives say about the current climate.

“There’s a bias against them, and that’s unfortunate,” he said.

Any other group who made such a claim would gain instant support. You might see stars rallying to their side or protests demanding equal treatment.

Instead, the situation is “unfortunate,” said the actor, still under a legal cloud following his involvement in the accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust.”

Baldwin’s subsequent comments confirmed the Blacklist.

“There’s people that I know, and I won’t name them [emphasis added], who are conservatives, who are arch-conservatives. I enjoyed them as actors a lot,” he said.

Why won’t he name them? Hollywood liberals are loud and proud, as well they should be. It’s not a crime to be progressive. Vote GOP, though, and the situation changes dramatically in Tinsel Town.

Kudos to Baldwin for bringing the bigotry to the surface. What a shame that his efforts will end there, and none of his peers will join the fight to bring an end to the discrimination.

They haven’t up until now, so why would they suddenly defend their right-leaning peers?

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