Here’s What To Wear to a Broadway Show

Now that Broadway is back with shows like Funny Girl and Macbeth with Daniel Craig taking the stage, it’s the perfect time to re-explore your passion for musical theatre. For those of you who have never seen a Broadway show, you can experience it for the first time. One of the hardest parts of adjusting to the re-opening of experiences is knowing what to expect. Socializing with others, remembering how the outside world exists, and knowing the appropriate thing to wear can sometimes feel challenging. If that sounds relatable to you, we have the perfect guide for Broadway show attire. Here’s what to wear to a Broadway Show

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What to wear to a Broadway show

Both formal and informal wear is permitted. Here are your options:

  • Casual attire (jeans, skirts, shirts)
  • Cocktail/Professional attire (dresses, blouses, slacks, button-ups, suits)
  • Themed outfits (musical shirts, outfits inspired by a character, attire inspired by the period of the musical)

So, how do you decide what to wear? For my first show, I worried about what most people were going to wear. In my experience, it depends on the show and it really is widespread. There are plenty of articles about what people think you should wear, but the reality is you’ll see just about everything from a fancy dress and heels to yoga pants and a shirt.

What to wear to a Broadway show: performance time matters

The time of the show plays an indicator. Matinee shows and weekday shows tend to have more casual wear compared to evening performances. After all, the people who are tourists are seeing the show in between the other activities they have planned for their trip. Casual wear can vary too. Sometimes, it’s jeans and a shirt. Sometimes it’s apparel from the show. It can be a dressier casual with a coordinated matching outfit as well. 

Night shows, opening shows, and closing shows tend to have more fancy attire. It tends to be a place where people can bring out statement pieces they don’t normally get to wear. Broadway is the perfect place to wear an outfit that has been waiting for a formal occasion in the back of your closet. It’s the place for the clothing that makes you feel stunning. For me, it has been a place where I imagine what I could wear on a red carpet. I personally don’t have formal events as a regular occurrence, so musicals are the perfect place to dress my best.

A lot of people love to dress in the theme of the show or characters. This can be fancy or casual. Some people make elaborate cosplays that look almost like the characters on stage, and some stay in the “inspired by” category. This is a fun way to either make your casual look feel more intentional or have fun styling more thoughtful formalwear. What would your favorite character wear? What does the energy of the musical feel like to you?

Anything goes, but look below for inspiration!

Broadway show outfit inspiration

Blogger Ashlee Rose Hartley wore the cutest fit for Funny Girl on Broadway:

Influencer Arielle Calderon dressed up for Chicago:

This group of friends was ready to see Six on Broadway:

These two friends had the perfect Wicked outfit:

This couple embodied Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

Wearing what makes you feel your best is always a win: 

What Twitter has to say about Broadway show dress code

But why just have our opinion? We Twitter to show you a variety of what other theatre fans just like you have said about Broadway attire. 

One theatre fan commented on the potential of impracticality.

A fan of Chicago shared a fancier “inspired by” outfit to see the show.

Rachael shared her Anne Boleyn costume.

Casual looks are welcome too!

One fan expressed the variety of attire in her own household.

Needless to say, you could wear just about anything to Broadway. Dress for your comfort or your excitement! If a comfy outfit sounds more appealing, that’s allowed. If you want to dress up, that’s okay too.’s Broadway outfit of the week

Hey, Broadway fans! We’re looking for Broadway show outfits to highlight on! Want to be featured? All you have to do is tag your IG Post with #HollyGOODLooks and #OOTD, and you might be featured on our socials and in our weekly “What to Wear to a Broadway Show” article.

This week, we love @francisdominiic and his look for The Lion King on Broadway.

That’s such a special memory to have with your mom and grandmother, and we are OBSESSED with the flowy chic wardrobe!

We also can’t get enough of @suwanneesam and her elegant look for Phantom of the Opera.

It’s giving very much Christine vibes.

Show us what you’d wear to a Broadway show! 

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