Uncanceled: Gina Carano Joins Nick Searcy in DW’s ‘Terror on the Prairie’

Gina Carano joins Bryce Dallas Howard, Jennifer Connelly and Natalie Portman as actresses anchoring summer movie adventures.

Except Hollywood didn’t want the former MMA star to join this particular party.

Disney famously fired Carano from “The Mandalorian” early last year after she shared a social media message the Mouse House dubbed “abhorrent and unacceptable.”

(Even while embracing Bette Midler, a star whose Twitter rages are both legendary and teeming with hate)

The post in question, a plea for tolerance, was nothing of the kind. Carano still lost her gig, part of Disney+’s wildly successful series, despite her popularity with the show’s faithful.

Matters seemed grim for Carano, whose atypical views cast her outside the Hollywood mainstream. And we all know how the industry craves conformity.

Enter The Daily Wire.

The right-leaning news and entertainment site hired Carano to produce and star in her own feature film. Now, her first project with the site is ready for its close up.

“Terror on the Prairie,” co-starring Hollywood heavyweight Nick Searcy, comedian Tyler Fischer and “Cowboy” Cerrone, is set for a June 14 release exclusively for site members. [Editor’s Note: This reporter is a contributor to DW]

The indie western, directed by Michael Polish of “The Astronaut Farmer” fame, casts Carano as a frontier woman squaring off against a band of outlaws out for bloody revenge.

“Terror” isn’t the only film on Carano’s plate. She will appear in the upcoming political satire “My Son Hunter,” an expose of President Joe Biden’s embattled son. She’s also slated for “White Knuckle,” another Daily Wire production.

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