8 Scary Movies In Theaters Now

Are you a fan of horror? Then you’re in luck! Check out all the new scary movies in theaters now. From slashers, jumpscares, and the paranormal, there is a horror film for every scary movie fan.

Scaredy cats, don’t scream: we have a full list of all movies in theaters here.

Scary movies in theaters: Men

A24’s newest release, Men, is a folk horror film focused on grief within personal tragedy. After the death of her husband, Harper (Jessie Buckley) takes a trip to the English countryside. During her visit, she is haunted by something sinister in the surrounding woods.

Director Alex Garland describes the film as an aggressive horror movie. “When I say it’s a slightly aggressive film, that’s what I mean: It’s coming at the viewer,” he explains to Entertainment Weekly. “It’s a gentle movie sometimes, there’s lots of silly humor in there, but it’s also a bit delinquent.”

Are you into steady, mind-boggling horror that makes you question everything? Then go see Men, now in theaters.
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Scary movies in theaters: Firestarter

If you’re a sucker for classic scary movies, then check out Firestarter. The film, based on the novel by Stephen King, is a remake of the 1984 original starring Drew Barrymore. It follows a couple who are on the run from the federal agency to protect their daughter, who has the power to turn fire into mass destruction. Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, and Sydney Lemmon star.

Stephen King got in on the Firestarter action sharing his excitement on seeing the new adaptation in theaters.

If you’re into supernatural horror and the morality of superpowers, see Firestarter now in theaters.

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Scary movies in theaters: Monstrous 

Christina Ricci stars as single mother Laura in the retro psychological film Monstrous. After Laura and her 7-year-old son Cody flee her abusive ex-husband and relocate to a remote lakeside farmhouse, their life is threatened by a monstrous creature in the water.

In a review from The Wrap, Ronda Racha Penrice believes there is more to the film than the eyes can see. “Monstrous offers a strong premise and some fresh twists, particularly in a genre where gimmicky filmmaking has prevailed,” she writes. “It’s an engaging enough story with a punch that might warrant a second watching to make it easier to follow along, especially with such strong performances from the leads.

If you love dissecting horror films that don’t offer you a clear-cut answer, then Monstrous is the scary movie for you.

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Scary movies in theaters: Private Property

Private Property revamps the 1960 original film of the same name for a modern audience. Set in Los Angeles, Kathyrn (Ashley Benson) is a struggling actress in an unhappy marriage with a rich Hollywood producer. After meeting her new gardener, Ben (Shiloh Fernandez), the two fall for each other. However, Ben has been hiding secrets with the new “eccentric” millionaire next-door neighbor (played by Logan Miller).

Does this erotic thriller hold up as a controversial story as it did in the 1960s? You’ll have to watch to find out. Catch Private Property, now in theaters.

Scary movies in theaters: The Twin 

In this psychological horror film, a family grieves over the loss of one of their children while simultaneously fighting a supernatural demon. Teresa Palmer stars as Rachel, a mother who has lost one of her twin sons Nathan in a car accident. When Rachel, her husband, and her living son Elliot move to Finland for a fresh start, Elliot begins talking to an invisible person. This “person” sounds a lot like Nathan, but in reality, it’s someone more sinister.

Screenrant’s Ferdosa believes the horror of this movie comes from its sorrow. “The film, in many respects, lives and dies by its emotional impact,” they explain. “The weight of eeriness and grief should saturate the screen, and it does.”

Scary movies in theaters: Hatching 

Hatching puts the power of body horror to the test. The scary movie follows a 12-year-old gymnast, Tinja, who fights for her mother’s image-based approval. When Tinja finds a wounded bird in the woods, she brings its egg home. Once the egg hatches, something dark and otherworldly appears to wreak havoc.

Fans are still reeling from their time watching it in theaters.

Whether you can relate to the desperate need for a parent’s approval or you enjoy watching gory films, Hatching is the movie pick for you.

Scary movies in theaters: The Innocents

What happens to kids when parents aren’t looking? In The Innocents, audiences follow a group of Nordic children who possess dark and mysterious powers. The Norweigan supernatural thriller first premiered at the 2021 Cannes film festival.

In a review from the New York Times, writer Jeannette Catsoulis argues that the film lives with no moral right or wrong.

“Skillfully merging menace and sweetness, “The Innocents” constructs a superbly eerie moral landscape, one that the children (all of whom are fantastic) must learn to navigate.”

Scary movies in theaters: Escape the Field

What happens when you wake up and find yourself in a killer escape room — or field? The thriller film Escape the Field follows six strangers stripped of their possessions and stuck in a remote cornfield. They soon discover that they are caught in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game, and to survive, they have to solve a deadly puzzle. Shane West, Jordan Claire Robbins, Theo Rossi, Elena Juacto, Tahirah Sharif, and Julian Feder star.

Whether you fear cornfields or get an adrenaline rush from thriller-like stories, Escape the Field is the perfect scary movie to see in theaters. 

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