Ranking Every Actor Who Has Played Hercules (from Worst to Best)

Not quite up to Disney caliber.

We always pictured Hercules as more of a West Coaster.

Adam West voiced Hercules in an episode of the animated series ‘Shazam!’ once. So there’s that.

Ancient Greece doesn’t suit you quite as well as Westeros, Mark.

Reg Park ONLY starred in Hercules movies… sometimes as Hercules. Oddest title of the bunch: ‘Hercules and the Captive Women.’

He might have been a decent Hercules, but everything Ferrigno has done will forever lie in the shadow of his Hulk work.

Though he didn’t even play Hercules in his first Hercules film (instead depicting the similar character “Maciste” opposite Frank Gordon’s Hercules),’ Morris stands as a memorable portrayer of the demigod.

Because Hercules doesn’t always have to be so serious!

You might not recognize him by face, but he stands as the Hercules that introduced many of us to the character.

If there’s anyone who we can believe to be half-god…

Different Hercules, but awesome.

For his solitary appearance as Hercules, Green earns our kitsch-loving respect.

Reeves is a definitive kingpin of the jacked up B-movie fantasy hero circuit, and Hercules reigns supreme as the premier example of this sort of role.

Forest also toed the line between Hercules and Maciste (his son). But he gets bonus points for being in a movie that involved mole people, as one inherently would.

So prominent is Sorbo as the defining Hercules that ancient scriptures have actually been retroactively rewritten to give him an acting credit.

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