I can blog!!!

Yes, I just realised that I can actually blog on my blogspot! Hurray! Although I still cannot VIEW the blogs in blogspot…but still! Haha…so…that first blog is … well …

To be honest, it’s not all smooth-sailing at my work here. I’ve screwed up big time somewhere somehow over here in Shanghai.

But I will survive, then I will move on! Pray for me my dear friends.

And…Please send drop me an email of encouragement at liushuhui83@msn.com

or sms at +86 1376 175 3882

or give me a ring at +86 021 524 12346

or better still…a letter at 万航渡路 2088弄 12号 502室 邮编:200051!

That’s it for now! Stay in tune!

Hope I’ll have better tidings the next time round!

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