in a flash…

I really don’t know what to make out of this entire week.

I kept thinking, “I’ve got a week, things can’t be that bad, I’ll be able to meet up with my friends, to pack, to do my own stuff…”

Yeah right. It’s a nice “sunny” Friday…and yet I felt like I haven’t packed.

Had dinner with the lishis on Tues. It was nice seeing everyone again, pity we didn’t take any photos but everyone’s getting prettier and prettier! Lisa spent the rest of the night plucking eye brows for some of them…and yeah…i spent a night in Rei’s room chatting away on Pi Xus and China. (Cos’ she just went on a trip there)

Weds was another trip to Hougang Mall. That place makes my blood boil…dun really wanna recount but upon reaching home, I immediately spent 15mins typing a 500 word complaint letter to Spectacle Hut. The 1st time I’ve actually Lodged a complaint though I’ve always wanted to. Not sure if any action will be taken but at least I feel good letting all that steam out.

Thurs…I took half day leave on the pretext that I’ll send my laptop to school for repair cos’ the right speaker is spoilt. Plus I wanted to go YI to get some medicine for my sore throat and “threatening” flu. Was lucky to get my laptop there in time…but waited an hr for a 2 min meeting with the doctor…who, like all doctors, immediately took an interest in my fatty neck, asking the golden question of whether i’ve got thyroid (right spelling?) Had to reassure her that I’ve taken multiple blood tests and those are just FATS! — time to lose weight man…gotta get rid of that bulge so as to avoid being doctor “specimen” interests.

Returned library books then went out to Bugis with Rei! Yeah…finally went to the temple to pray, bought a skirt from OG, nail polish from The Face Shop cos’ they so cleverly used Kwon Sang Woo to advertise and I simply couldn’t resisit…SUPPORT THEM! ;p Then I met PJ, PK and HM for dinner at Thai Express! The green curry is really quite good though i’m trying hard to ignore the evident sore throat…

Today’s gonna be another busy day. Dinner at Harbourfront with YK and R, then back to Hall to pick up all my left over barang barang, (I can so imagine my mum’s face…MORE luggage?!!?) Plus a possible karaoke session with Hefen and com late at night? Oh dear…tmr morn got charity walkathon at MacRitchie…then back to NUS for laptop, then Zhang Lao Shi’s place at 1500…KR bash…

This is madness.

And my manager just expressed his concern about nobody being there to pick me up on Monday!!! My life’s in a mess!!!


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