Yeah!!! ;)

Yeah! Finally! Managed to fulfil 2 of my many wishes during the long CNY break.

Caught A Moment to Remember on Sat. Cried really bad. Could have been worse if I was watching it with someone familiar but well…it was typical Korean Sappy…but this show is really not bad cos’ it’s not as cheesy and ridiculous as Windstruck, in fact, it is quite “realistic” and needless to say, hopelessly romantic. But of cos’ something bad has to happen to one of the leads…so…well, but I’m still glad I caught that show! Cos’ in the ladies…it was obvious who just watched AMTR, everyone’s eyes were red and swollen! ;p

I also bought one of my favourite childhood snacks! The Huge round “paper” biscuits. I’m not sure how to describe it…but it used to feel like i’m munching of thin paper! ;p It comes in a pack of “whitish, green and pink” colour! ;p

KTV Finally happened on Sun! Woohoo! After several failed attempts of singing with some of the “babes”, I landed in Hougang Plaza’s Kbox with ZR and ZW! Wow…the lunch was actually quite nice! Some unagi and fried chicken rice box. And we sang many many new songs! of cos’ I was going all off key as usual, but i’ve once again confirmed that I am only suited to sing songs which are of a lower key…haha…;p

Had once again, a failed attempt at collecting my contact lens cos’ they got the degree wrong. I’ve resolute not to go back to Hougang Mall again so it shall be sent to Kovan this time round. Phew…

Dinner was at SM’s place! I loved the devil’s eggs and all that bah kwa! And the Yu Sheng was SO good cos’ there was so much raw salmon! =) Not forgetting the brownie with ice-cream and fruits with yoghurt!!! Well well…what an unhealthy week! I swore I’ll piled on another 3kg within a week! I’m so glad CNY is only once a yr. I ALWAYS die in the hands of CNY. I mean, it’s not like i’m already skinny…so it’s bad that i keep putting on the weight! And yeah…I tried jogging! Oh…what a joke! I told myself 4 rounds, and 4 rounds it was. Walked, jogged, went slightly out of breath, walked, jogged, no blood going to my head!!!

So it WAS 4 rounds, 2 rounds of walking, another 2 slow jogging…i’m SO SO embarrassed! Time to redeem myself once again!

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