I didn’t do much today…really.

Went to Hougang Polyclinic in hope to get a meningitis vaccine but didn’t cos’ I had to wait too long…to Hougang Mall in hope of collecting my contact lens only to see the shop STILL closed…(I’m starting to dislike Hougang)…so off to Chinatown’s OG once more.

Not bad, managed to restrain myself to ONLY 2 tops…but had an interesting Linner at the Singapore’s Heritage Restaurant (Note, the black pepper beef beehoon is way too salty and oily, esp. for $8, but according to my mum, the porridge is quite good…very appetising. My opinion? Dun bother, i’m a GARBAGE TRUCK. So long as there’s food, i can’t really tell if it’s good or not so good…in fact i’m often swayed by what others say…but just give me food and i’ll pile it in…)

But ONE predominant thought kept coming back to me. The scene of lots of busy people walking around in the morning, rushing to…WORK.

*shivers in fear*

Why is the LONG LONG CNY break coming to an end so soon? I haven’t fulfilled ANYTHING on my wish list yet!!! DAMN. Plus I haven’t packed…(@*#*$&(@*#$^&*%*#

One week left…


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