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Phew…what a busy and tiring weekend I had! But fun fun! I think my life SHOULD be like this! bwahah…at least…it used to be like this! ;p

Sat I woke up early to see my dearest Dr Lee for the last time before I leave for China. I was given my plastic retainers, then off I went to shop shop before Joyce comes to town to meet me so that she can shop for her birthday pressies.

I tried clothes at Zara, Fashion Lab…so many places I can’t really remember. However, I did fall in love with a pink/yellow with a rose print tube dress from Fashion Lab which I think i’ll most likely buy despite the fact that I may NEVER ever wear it plus the fact that it’s ex lah…! ;p

After Joyce came, we went in search of my shoes, her watch and clothes in general! We walked in Taka, then to Heerans (for my URS shoes which turned out that ALL stores ran out of stocks after I called up each individual branches), and back to Taka to see and buy stuff. We met Kat and Weiling in Taka foodcourt! I ate Tako Pachi and Venezia Ice-cream! (which I felt didn’t taste as gd as Bravisso, at least the durian lah) Btw, the point was I was SO SO upset by the fact that I couldn’t buy the shoes which i had set my heart on (it wasn’t even on sale!) and that the salesgirl didn’t attend to me after I’ve decided to settle for another pair…we moved on to Charles and Keith which I was so distraught and tired i almost bought on impulse anything that was black cos’ they all looked the same to me. (ordinary). Lucky i had Joyce with me so gave me sound advice and I finally settled on a nice pair! phew.

We then rushed to Far East where we met Hefen! We each bought a bag from Little Matchgirl with a discount cos’ PJ’s a member there! ;p After that it was really too late so I rushed home cos’ I promised my mum I’ll buy her dinner.

Sun was another day of “rush”. I woke up, picked up groceries at the market, then left for town once again cos’ i needed to buy J’s present fr Hula! Ended up buying so many pairs of earrings! Heee…cos’ my friends were ard mah! Then it was off to AMK’s NTUC to help shop for bbq stuff! Wow…almost forgot that shopping for so many ppl can be quite exciting! In fact the last time I helped organised a “big-scale” bbq was YEARS ago when my JC class had a chalet! The bill came up to about $100 though…cos’ i was looking through the receipt the other day when I was packing. J was more generous and QW and I were happily shopping for whatever we like to eat! ;p

We then went to Prima for the cake…and finally driven to Cui’s place to marinate the meats. Cos’ of a wrong turn, I managed to alight at Kovan, waited for my mum to come..and a second round of NTUC thus commenced cos’ we had to prepare for a steamboat for reunion dinner on Tues! ;p Now…that got REALLY tiring.

Made my way to Cui’s place at about 7pm. Sat ard, talked to Jacques, when the bbq food started coming out…(I simply refused to help…;p) I started to eat and eat. So I basically sat at a table with the nice NTU girls and chit chatted and ate and ate and ate. I ate till i was SO full! But the bbq stuff was nice! (Jean improved along the way!!!) Joyce’s grandma’s cooking was superb…and not forgetting the amazing dessert of Chin Chow plus Nata de Coco and Longan! MY GOSH. Fish, chicken fillet, chicken mushroom balls, Sotong balls, prawn balls, fishballs…it just goes on and on..haha…;p

But i guess the best part was seeing the crappy and “husky-voiced” everlyn again…plus meet some of the supposedly “hot” guys…and the funny ppl like WF and Chun! haha…

I had a good time laughing and eating.

My weekends should be spent like that. hee….though my mum’s not very happy that i wasn’t around to help with the packing.

Sorry mama.

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