New office!!!

Hey bloggie! My company shifted to new premises! I was initially allocated a nicely shaded seat far far away from the Managers…but well…cos’ they found out that a particular seat was “baking” under the hot hot sun…so well…being the poor intern…here i am! ;p But I do not mind really…since I’ll only be around for another week before I fly.

Talking about flying…@(&*$#@*&^#

I told the person-in-charge to help check for an air ticket on the 20th so that I can go for the bash on 19th. I was hoping to go on the 8:20 flight…but they happily told me that only the 20:55 one is available…biggest problem is…I’ll only reach Shanghai THE NEXT DAY at 06:35! Idiot! So after some consideration, I decided that it’s better that I arrive safely in the day, so that my comrades can pick me up and I can use the weekend to settle in…so I called to confirm the Sat flight…but they happily told me that they’ve already cancelled my Sat flight!!!

What to do? I tried telling them to put me on the waiting list but apparently it’s not going to be easy, esp. now that everyone’s on leave!!!

TMD. So how my darlings? Anyone coming to send me off? It’s now on Sun! Now I gotta stay “overnight” at Bangkok airport…and i gotta decide if I wanna go to Shanghai and sit in Haagen Daz for the ENTIRE day OR wait even longer in Bangkok and reach Shanghai at about evening time.

A******. Why must we fly Thai when it’s expensive and we must transit and waste so much time when there are so many direct flights?!?! What’s up???

TMD. The more i tihnk about it…the more I feel “unjustified”.


Anyhows… entry will be a “happier” one!

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