sighz i’m such an IT idiot. All I wanted to do was to try and upload a profile photo but I didn’t know where I can get an url for the photo? So I tried uploading using Hello! and yeah…the picture appeared as one of my entries.

Well…I thought the photo was quite nice so decided to just keep it there. Bwahah…though it is abit out of the blue but yeah.

I’ve no idea why i’m so tired today when I’ve effectively done NOTHING.

It was office shifting day. I got to the office. Surfed maybe ONE website? Den the connection was cut…so we basically hang ard chit chatting…DEN…my nice manager gave me the excuse of going to NUS library to help him do some research so I happily went to HSS.

I searched for books…surfed abit…met up with You Jie and Jingwen for lunch…den I decided…to go back to office.

Yes…despite my heart wanting to go out shopping/walk ard etc…cos’ i was afraid that my colleagues wld spring me a call and I wouldn’t know what time I can get back.

To my “delight”? I got back to office to find 3 ppl playing dai di! So I happily joined in! We played and played…shifting our “den” from our office to another when they started to dismantle our stuff. I lost badly…only won 6 sets out of about 40??? Haha…

Then at about 4 something they said we could go back cos’ we were of no help at all. But we continued playing till about 5:30pm.

My gosh…wat a waste of precious time! To think that my manager called to explain that he told me to go to the library cos’ he knew that I wld b wasting my time in the office. I shld have made use of that time to do something constructive!

But come to think of it seriously…what’s constructive?

I want to go KTV but there’s no one to go with me.

I want to go shopping and spend money. But hey…haven’t I been spending enough?

so what else is there left to do? even if i really wanted to do something…who shld I ask?

Maybe…I need to pack my room, pack my things….

Arrgh. This is vexing!

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