My new love…Kwon Sang Woo aka Quan Xiang Yu

I’m so in love with this man.

Just when I was questioning myself…why is it that I’ve only been in one relationship? Why is it that when I listen to soapy love songs on a rainy day on the bus…there’s only this ONE person I can think about?

No…I don’t want that. I’m already 22…and yet these are all the memories I have.

haha…and yet…after One entire year of being “crush-less”…I choose to “fall in love”…with a…Korean Actor.

It’s no wonder…I can foresee myself being a spinster already. Plus the fact that I’m not doing anything to make myself more attractive both physically and behaviourally.

TOo bad for me I guess.

But hey…Xiang Yu is THE MAN! Or should i say Che Cheng Jun is Da Man? Successor of a Shopping Mall and Amusement Park, Handsome, Rich, Super fun to be with…and most importantly…Very devoted.

I love the way he frowns when he thinks of his “lost loved”. I love the way he tears when he reminances…I love the way he cries when he realised that his love has cancer…I love the cheeky way he smiles/laughs when they are having fun. People out there love his “body. But what attracts me most is his face…When he’s sad my heart aches but when he smiles I can’t help but smile too! =)

Sighz…Cui’s right…these Korean Drama poison my mind. Where on earth can I find such a man?


That’s y I’m destined to be a spinster.

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