Morning Glory!

KR’s 3rd original hall production took place on 29th Jan 2005! And I was really glad that I’ve got the chance to actually watch it!

When I came to know that the Master was looking out for people to write an original script…I was really tempted…but didn’t dare to go for an interview…but wow! I was actually “selected” to join the scriptwriting team!

Then came all the meetings at Wheelock Place staring at Lingerie and wrecking our brains for ideas. 10s of ideas came down to 2…then we decided on the ONE. Coming up with a main theme really wasn’t that tough…it was the development of the story…then E’s place, scriptwriting at F’s…Brainstorming, refining, typing script during my work…haha…those days were “fun” in a certain way.

But honestly speaking…after the 2nd or 3rd draft was handed over to E and C…the 4 of us kind of “faded” into the background. There were alot of talk abt the script being changed over and over…abt this, abt that. I went to Europe, WL finally got his gf…F was happily in USA…and C…supporting Rockers? haha…

Time passed and I guess I somehow…didn’t really DARE to say that “hey! I wrote the script for Hall Prod!” cos’ I really didn’t know how it “developed”.

So it was with a really normal heart that I went to watch KR’s hall prod.

But suddenly ppl i know “found out” that I was part of the scriptwriting team so I got smses of “encouragement”.

I heard the lines which we wrote being said…it was really a strange feeling. Happy..yet..”apprehensive” maybe? As the story unfolds…I was rather proud of the fact that more punch lines was added…and that some characters were given more flesh. Of cos’ I didn’t totally appreciate the director’s direction…but I was proud of the fact that C really did put onto the stage her perception of what the musical shld be like…it was as per what she decribed to us a long time ago.

But…I guess the most satisfying part was that my friends actually reflected that they liked the script alot! =) Yes we didn’t write those poems…but my friends liked the concept! GW said that the idea was good, AL said that it’s not easy to write a serious play…JW was all grins and very sincere when he said that he liked the script…

I was SO happy! Then I started to regret the fact that I didn’t sms ALL my friends to support my attempt at scriptwriting.

Haha…but well…it’s over. For those who missed it and wished to take a look…

I might just buy the VCD! ;p

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