Tired tired


I didn’t know that calculating and keying in data can be so tiring! I actually spent almost an entire day of “full concentration” before I finally completed compiling ONE set of documents! (There’s another envelop lying on my desk right now)


But well well…I’m still in a really “high” mood actually. It must be all the excitement of last night’s vball match…it’s still in my head.

We won the 1st 2 sets…so the whole of KR kind of thought that wow..okay, it’s gonna be over soon. But who knows? TH actually took the next 2 sets! Actually by the 3rd set my throat was already super dry but I perserved! When the 4th set ended I almost wanted to cry but I felt that I couldn’t give up on KR…and YEAH! BRAVO! What a marvellous last set it was! We took so many points right at the start! With great spikes and serves! Woo hoo! I was literally jumping and screaming my lungs out! Almost forgot how powerful my voice can actually be! It was really fun! All the anticipation and all…the heart actually skips a few beats when the ball is caught by the opponent or when we face a VERY dangerous situation!

I was so high…i think my breath was ringing in my ears long after the match was over.

The walk back was just as memorable..with R, M and AM…and we just kept on saying the strong points of each individual players…K’s spikes are so accurate and positioned, CV is so powerful, WH is so steady…blah blah…and we made fun of each other and laughed all the way back.

This is what hall life is all about I guess. The being together…and…the fact that when i walked about at nearly 2am…the 2nd floor was SO full of life u wld have thought it’s probably 8pm.

I am so going to miss hall.

Okay…that’s all for now. Will try to blog more later! I think I should start on my second stack of forms…hmm…

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