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Robert With Selena Afair

Robert love with selena Robert With Selena Afair

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While there were several Golden Globes after parties going on last night, we’re most entertained by the Weinstein Company’s 2013 Golden Globe Awards After Party. OK, so mostly because Robert and his tux made an appearance!Selena is at an age where being two years older than your guy can make a REAL difference. He was only 16 when they hooked up! Think back to your teenage boy/girlfriend and imagine the likelihood of that relationship lasting.

Now add the price of fame which includes having everything and anything at your disposal at any point in time- including chicks. Just ask Biebs about that because rumor has it he had a hard time resisting a quick sexual fix from a side dish here and there which caused a huge problem in his relationship with Selena.

Robert With Selena Afair;


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